Recently Google rolled out autocomplete predictions for Gmail search  in 47 additional languages excluding English today, To and Form fields in Advanced Search got autocomplete suggestions which helps you find email from to specific person, and three labs have been graduated, they’re: Refresh POP accounts, Filter import/export and Navbar drag and drop.

Graduated Gmail labs features

Graduated Refresh POP Accounts lab feature now makes it easy to get messages from other POP3 accounts and updates your inbox with new Gmail messages by clicking on Refresh link on top of Gmail inbox.

advanced autocomplete

Filters import/export: If you’ve created set of filters for all incoming email you can now export them to a file and you can also import filters into Gmail from a file.  To Export filters you need to access Settings>Filters select all or specific filters and click ‘Export’ where all will be downloaded  in an XML file  to your computer which you can import in future.

Navbar drag and drop: If you’ve gadgets on left-side of Gmail you can now able to rearrange them with drag and drop.

Source: Gmail