Malware writers get their exploit kits ready whenever zero-day vulnerabilities are discovered in common plugins (in web browser) such as like Java, Flash Player, Adobe Reader. Users can anytime get infected by visiting a malicious website controlled by a hacker, one way to stay safe from these is to update all apps on desktop and browser plugins regularly, you can rely on PSI for that.

Even traditional antiviruses can’t protect you from these, meet ExploitShield from vulnerability specialist ZerovulnerabilityLabs which is offering Browser edition in beta free for home users which prevents Drive-by-downloads and attempts by commercial exploit kits and web-based exploits.

Update: Malwarebytes has acquired  ZerovulnerabilityLabs Exploit Shield and offering now it as Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit , available in Free and Premium versions, for more details read

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit comes out of Beta, available in Free and Premium Versions

Exploitshield blocks exploit attempts against apps

Currently, Exploitshiled shields popular apps such as Java, web browser components (PDF, Flash, Java), adobe reader, adobe acrobat, Foxit Reader, MS office word, Excel, PowerPoint, media players like winamp, VLC and Windows media player. We hope ZeroVulnerabilityLabs to extend protection to other commonly used apps on web and desktop on Windows as well.

ZerovulnerabilityLabs Exploitshield

After installing this app, it starts protecting running apps such as browsers from Exploits, whenever exploits are detected, they’ll be quarantined, you will further can delete them from your Computer.

More on ExploitShield Browser Edition Beta

  • The first ever install and forget anti-exploit solution.
  • Vulnerability-agnostic technology blocks malware that bypass traditional security products.
  • Compatible with existing antivirus and Internet security.
  • Works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

Do Exploit Test for Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

“After researching thousands of vulnerability exploits ZeroVulnerabilityLabs has developed an innovative patent-pending technology that is able to protect applications from malicious vulnerability exploits without relying on blacklisting, whitelisting or sandboxing.”  ZeroVulnerabilityLabs says on its ExploitShield.

“By preventing the most dangerous phase of a vulnerability exploit, the execution of malicious code, ExploitShield can protect against all known and unknown zero-day arbitrary code execution vulnerability exploit attacks in a simple to use, install-and-forget endpoint security solution” .

Closing words

This program released as Beta for testing and feedback from testers, might be unstable and buggy, so use with caution. As an end user, we can’t test this program against exploit kits in wild, but ZeroVulnerabilityLabs claims this tool is effective as it successfully blocked zero-day vulnerabilities for IE and Java the day when discovered during alpha testing.

Download ExploitShield  Browser Edition beta