Do not track gradually getting standardized, in 2013 we can expect all major browsers to support it, currently Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer browser support DNT feature. At present Google advertising company can’t escape from implementing DNT in their Chrome browser due to other browsers adding it, ad networks and sites starts to respect the privacy feature and is becoming internet standard. If you’re eager to opt-out of behavioral advertising in Chrome download Chromium latest build and enable this feature which is currently in development though may not be work effectively until it lands in stable versions of Chrome.

To enable Do not track option in Chrome

1. Run Chrome application, open settings>Show Advanced Settings

2. Under Privacy section check or select “Send a Do Not Track request with your browsing traffic”,

Do Not Track preference in Chrome advanced Settings

3. At present when you enable it you’ll get a dialog saying “this feature is currently in development” if you click Ok it will be enabled if you click cancel no changes will be made to Chrome browser.

Know Do Not Track status in any browser without accessing settings

Let me tell you can know whether Do Not Track status is on or off for any browser without the need to access browser settings by visiting Mozilla Do Not Track site.

Do Not Track Status on for Chrome

Yesterday Google added do not track privacy setting in Chromium build, Google planning to add DNT to stable build of Chrome by end of the 2012.