We’ve already covered how to uninstall AVG 2013 from Control Panel, that’s traditional uninstall method if that fails with an error you need to rely on uninstall tool released by AVG, AVG Remover 2013 for their antivirus product. You should only need to use this tool if you’re facing problems during uninstall of AVG or not able to remove it using Add/Remove programs or Programs and Features in Windows.

“AVG Remover completely removes AVG from your Computer and restarts your Computer automatically when done”. This tool removes following related to AVG

  • Registry entries, user files and installation files
  • AVG user settings and files in Virus Vault

AVG Remover for 2013 finally got User interface where till 2013 version we saw the tool from the start removes the entries from command line window.

How to use AVG Remover

1. Download AVG remover from here.

2.  Run it, accept to AVG license agreement and AVG Fair Processing notice

3. To the warning dialog shown on screen click  “yes, Remove AVG”

AVG remove warning dialog

4. The tool starts to remove the entries which you can see in command prompt window and your Computer will be restarted automatically.

AVG 2013 Remover

5. After restart your screen goes blank for a while where AVG Remover removes remaining files on startup.

Though the above dialogs show remover tool version as 2012, but AVG Tools and Diagnostic Utilities 2013 page says it as  for 2013 version only.

Download AVG Remover 2013

Update: You can download AVG Remover 2013 for 32-bit or 64-bit from below link.