We’ve covered about AVG 2013 free Antivirus, if you’ve not installed AVG free AV on your computer then download and install from the links provided in that article, similar to AVG Advisor sometimes when AVG feels your system boots faster with AVG installed than before then it shows a notification on startup with message “did you fee that? your PC booted up x% faster than id did before AVG was installed”, if you don’t want these notifications to appear on startup you can disable them here is how.

Is AVG 2013 free AV measuring system’s boot up time? how accurate is that? we can even say these are all AVG’s moves to keep you stay with their product saying that your system not slowing down with AVG and it even booting faster than before.

avg boot time notificaiton

Turning off boot time improvement notifications in AVG 2013

1. Open AVG main interface, from options drop down menu select Advanced Settings

2. Select Appearance, scroll down to bottom and uncheck for “Boot time improvement notifications.” , click Ok to save the settings to your computer. You can also disable AVG Advisor notifications options below it if you feel as unnecessary.

boot time improvement notifications