Back in June 2010, Apple released Safari 5 browser with Reader feature which lets you view pages on blogs in a clutter-free view without ads and menus. Your Online reading experience will be enhanced with Safari Reader, Mozilla recently released Beta version of Firefox 15 for Android Mobile, which offers Reader Mode similar to Safari Reader, good news for Firefox desktop users is that Mozilla planning to port this feature from Mobile platform to the desktop version of Firefox, from 16 weeks from now you can be able to get hands on this feature in Firefox.

Currently, Reader Mode in Firefox for Android offers book icon in the address bar, when you click it, it activates the Reader Mode with minimalistic UI, then you can read long text articles easily without distractions. You can expect something similar to that when Reader Mode comes to Firefox on the desktop .

Reader Mode in Firefox mobile

UpdateWatch  Reader Mode for Desktop Firefox in action 

Remember! in-content preferences, which done by Michigan state university students, four students from same university now working on implementing Reader Mode to Firefox on desktop now.

Meanwhile you can enjoy better reading experience in Firefox by installing iReader or Readability extensions for Firefox. [Via]