Internet Explorer in Windows 8 Mode allows to launch the same page on desktop from its Page Tools icon with “View on Desktop” option, but IE 10 on desktop doesn’t offer the menu item to switch to Modern IE from within, something that Google has worked on it yes! Chrome’s Windows 8 app now allows to “relaunch Chrome on the desktop” from HotDogs icon in Windows 8 mode and similarly Chrome on desktop allows to “relaunch Chrome in Windows 8 mode” from Settings icon.

relaunch Chrome on desktop

Switching between Chrome’s Windows 8 and Desktop Modes

The Relaunch menu item which Google added to settings menu of both Windows 8 and desktop versions of Chrome makes switching between the two Worlds easy.

relaunch Chrome in Windows 8 mode

Chrome Beta in Windows 8 Mode Looks different with App Launcher and Shelf at the Bottom

Set Chrome as default browser after installation to access in Windows 8 Mode

When you perform a clean install of Chrome in Windows 8, once the installation is complete, it asks you to choose your default browser from IE and Chrome, if you select ‘Chrome’ as default, then only you can access Google browser in Windows 8 mode.

Chrome is almost ready

Google Experiments Canary in Window 7 with ‘Chrome OS Mode’