Remember September 2, 2008 the date when Google launched beta version of Chrome browser silently, till then no one had thoughts of Google building browser for the web. As Chrome celebrates its fourth birthday today, Google launched interactive Chrome Time machine to let you know history and Evolution of their browser since 2008  till now, Chrome also offering special birthday gift for you if you’re able to find hidden clue and type the secret code on the time machine page, so you can know the Chrome history and chance of winning a gift too.

To be frank Google’s biggest gift to the web and us is Chrome browser, if you see all Chrome help pages on web you find this about chrome “ Google chrome web browser built for speed, simplicity and security”.  A browser offering these three is rare -Chrome with minimalistic design offers enhanced security and speed even other browsers like Firefox tries to follow. Chrome justifies those words Chrome team always working hard to protect you from vulnerabilities in flash plugin and bugs in Chrome updating you to latest version automatically.

Chrome for various devices

If you’ve  a smart phone, Chrome book, or on Windows, Mac, Linux platform you just need to sign into your Google account in Chrome to access tabs, bookmarks, passwords from anywhere.

Security: Chrome runs in a sandbox, Flash is built-into Chrome it updates to the latest version automatically to keep you safe and secured and protects you from malicious  downloads. On Windows flash in Chrome is fully sandboxed which offers more security and crashes due to Flash are reduced with this change.

Google gives lot of money as rewards to security researchers for finding vulnerabilities and bugs in their products. Chrome restricts install of extensions from third-party sites other than from Chrome web store to prevent malware installing through extensions on users’ Computers.

The above paragraphs reflects some security measures and features offered by Chrome since its evolution, Google created Chrome time machine where you can know more details and history of Chrome. Since that page was designed specifically for Chrome for better experience you need to visit that page in Chrome browser only. We wishing Chrome happy birthday.

You can read more details about Chrome fourth birthday on Chrome blog.