If you want to view or clear Synced  Chrome data data till now, you need to visit Google Dashboard and scroll down and click on “stop sync and delete data from Google” link under Chrome Sync section which now has been lot easier as Google dedicated a special web page for Chrome Sync, all you need to visit that page in your browser and click on “stop and clear button”.

If you sign into your Google account in Chrome all stuff related to Chrome like passwords, extensions, apps, themes, Settings, Auto-fill entries,  themes, bookmarks, etc. will be saved and synced to your account and they’ll be available for access on any device in Chrome browser when you sign-in.

chrome sync page

Chrome Sync page highlights number of synced items in green color where Dashboard offers list view, these items are :Apps, extensions, Settings, Auto-fill, omnibox history, Themes, Bookmarks, Passwords (these are encrypted on your Computer and on Google servers )and Open Tabs.

The dialog shown when you click on stop and clear button is also different from what shown by Dashboard, check the screenshot below.

stop syncing and clear synced Chrome data

We feel Chrome Sync page is more convenient to manage sync data page than of Dashboard, what do you say?

Thanks to Fancois Beufort