Yesterday Avira has unveiled its 2013 products, you may want to  read review about Avira Free antivirus 2013 which ships with tracking protection component in Avira SearchFree toolbar called Browser Tracking Blocker. You should know that Avira has partnered with online Privacy company Abine to bring popular tracker blocking add-on Do Not Track Plus feature into Avira free AV which currently automatically blocks tracking scripts, plugins or buttons served by ad companies and social networks on sites you visit.

Do Not Track Plus vs.  Do Not Track

Do Not Track Plus by Abine is different from Do Not Track standard. Once DNT is enabled supported browsers sends signal to websites that users want to opt-out of tracking. How many websites respect this signal is another question. DNT Plus available in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer as an add-on.This add-on blocks trackers on the web automatically and shows you blocked ones when you click on its toolbar icon. So far DNT plus got positive reviews from top blogging sites and its add-on has been downloaded overs million times. 

Avira Browser Tracking Blocker

If you’re using Avira 2013 you don’t need to install Do Not Track Plus on IE and Firefox browsers because Avira’s Browser Tracking blocker also built on DNTPlus technology. The question arises how many will allow Avira toolbar install to use this feature to protect their privacy which changes browser search and homepage settings to