AVG has released 2013 line of products for Antivirus, Free antivirus and Internet Security. Except interface redesign and free tech support for AVG Antivirus Free 2013 we haven’t seen any significant changes for you to excite, though AVG claims they’ve further reduced footprint on system resources to even lower to program update released in March 2012. AVG 2013 products compatible with windows 8 and User interface has been redesigned to suit Microsoft Modern UI operating system.

AVG Antivirus free 2013 hands-on

Installation completes quickly when compared to previous versions, you need to download web installer with 4 MB size where it downloads files required for AVG and installs on your Computer, no reboot required. Number of screens shown during install are also reduced.

AVG Secure Search replaces AVG LinkScanner

AVG offers custom and Express install options, Express method is default one which installs AVG Security toolbar, sets and keeps AVG Secure Search as default provider for IE, Firefox , Chrome browsers. This may annoy you. Let me tell you once again AVG LinkScanner has been discontinued and it has been replaced with AVG Secure Search.

AVG 2013 install options

You may choose Custom Install option uncheck both options then you may lack browser protection as we feel. At the same time questions arises do you allow AVG to hijack your browsers’ search engine provider and homepage? with AVG Secure Search.

New user interface seems much better when compared to older version where they’ve removed unnecessary functions from main user interface. AVG interface shows four main functions: Computer, Web Browsing, Identity and Emails. As usual Fix performance function is of PC Analyzer more of promoting tactic than anything else.

AVG 2013 user interface

Scan and Update button provided below these functions. From top of Options drop down menu you can access advanced settings and  other options to configure AVG functions. Similar to Avast self-defense module AVG offers comes with self protection feature enabled by default which protects its processes, file, registry keys from being changed or deactivated by malware.

AVG 2013 advanced settings

Reports section on top with rotating icon next to it shows happening of scan or update. You can remove these reports by clicking on “Archive all” button.

AVG by default installs following components on your computer

AVG security toolbar, AVG Secure Search, AVG Advisor, anti-spyware , anti-virus, anti-Rootkit, PC analyzer, Resident Shield and Surf-shield .

AVG file reputation: When you opt-in to participate in AVG product improvement program which appears with finish button, then AVG checks some files on your computer against their cloud service to improve their detection capabilities.

At the time of writing this article AVG redesigning their sites for 2013 products pages.

Download AVG Antivirus 2013 Free

online installer 4.2 MB

Offline Installer

Probably after few hours you can find AVG 2013 free antivirus standalone installer file here http://free.avg.com/de-en/download.prd-afh.

AVG 2013 for Windows 32-bit [118 MB]

AVG 2013 for Windows 64-bit [130 MB]

Too early to recommend this but if you annoyed with AVG Secure Search and AVG Security toolbar follow the below article to completely remove them from your PC  and browsers.

Uninstall/Completely Remove AVG Secure Search from your Computer and Browsers