Dropbox announced in their blog that you can now you add/share files from Dropbox inside Facebook groups or send shared folder invitations to your Facebook friends. You can see this feature live today in Facebook groups, but first you need to link your Dropbox account to Facebook to access Dropbox files which has explained below step by step.

“Now you can share notes with your study group, add the latest game schedule to your basketball team’s group, or post a birthday video to your family’s group at lightning speed from wherever you are.And if you make any edits to a file you’ve shared, the group will get an update automatically!!.To share with your Facebook group, click ‘Add File’ on the group’s page.”

Add file from Drobox inside Facebook Groups

Linking your Dropbox account to Facebook

1. Sign into Dropbox with email and password, then from your name menu select Settings>Account Settings>on right side under Social click “connect with Facebook”

2. A Pop up window appears where brief about Dropbox app will be shown click on ”login with Facebook” and next read which information Dropbox access from your Facebook account

3. Click “allow” to complete Dropbox integration with Facebook account.

Soon in Facebook groups you’ll find use “add file” button to choose files from Dropbox (check the screenshot above).  When you link these two accounts Dropbox and Facebook exchanges some information about you.

What information Facebook receives from your Dropbox account ?

Privacy concerns arise when you start to talk about Facebook, usually Dropbox user might concern Facebook accessing their Dropbox files but Dropbox says “Facebook does not have access to the contents of your Dropbox. When you add a file to a group, Facebook receives only the link to the file, some basic info about the file (such as name and size), and the ability to display a small preview. “

“ The file is hosted by Dropbox, and Facebook does not receive any other information about your Dropbox account. What group members see When you add a file to a group, members can see your post with the link to the file, but they do not have access to the rest of your Dropbox.”

You can see which information Dropbox receives from your Facebook account from here.

[Via Dropbox blog]