AVG Secure Search on installing changes default search provider, home page of browsers, installs AVG Security toolbar for IE and Firefox. AVG left the user in a situation where he doesn’t know how to remove AVG Secure Search from Chrome, IE and Firefox browsers, let us take a look how to remove it from these browsers.

Today we’ve covered newly introduced service from AVG, AVG Secure Search which has been released by discontinuing LinkScanner service, now the cleanup job if you’ve installed this standalone product on your computer, you can’t find option to uninstall it from Programs and features in windows 7 or from Add/remove programs in XP, you’ll only find AVG Security Toolbar though which can be uninstalled easily.

Update: Use AVG Browser Configuration Tool to remove AVG Secure Search, AVG Toolbar and it also restores Browser default Settings as well.

Removing AVG Secure Search from Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer

I. For Firefox

1. If not already disabled, open Firefox add-ons manager>extensions, select “AVG Security Toolbar” and click on disable button.

2. We’ve noticed searches made from search bar still generate results using Google but searches done from awesome bar opens search results using AVG Secure Search, that can be annoying, continued to read below for the fix

If you’re seeing AVG Secure Search as default Search engine in Firefox search bar click arrow button next to and select Manage Search Engines>select AVG Secure Search and remove it and set another search engine you wish to use as default one.

3. Now type about:config in address bar and search for below preferences one by one, right-click and select Reset button for each one.

  • browser.search.defaultenginename
  • browser.search.searchEnginesURL
  • keyword.URL

browser.search.defualt search enginename

If reset option is grayed out for selected preference you don’t need to do anything you’re already using default search engine other than AVG’s to search from search bar.

For Internet Explorer

1. Tools>Manage Add-ons select AVG security toolbar and disable it.

2. Select Search Providers on Manager add-ons window, on the right-pane you can see (AVG secure search listed as default search engine here along with Google and Bing) right click on Search Engine you want and click set as default.

AVG Secure Search IE

Now right-click on AVG Secure search and select ‘disabled suggestions’ button and further click on  ‘remove’ button, restart IE for the changes to take effect.

III. For chrome

From hot dogs icon select Settings> scroll down for search section under it choose your search engine.

choose defualt search engine chrome

Now go to Extensions page Tools>Extensions> remove AVG Secure Search extension.

You also need to reset homepage in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers to default homepage.