With Google Drive app installed in Windows, you can notice googledrivesync.exe process running on the  task Manager under Processes tab:not one, but two! You may wonder why two googledrivesync.exe processes running? While we may feel one process is necessary to sync data from computer to the web and vice versa.

Recently, Google has launched Google Drive for users to store their files, folders and Google Docs, currently, Search engine giant is offering its app for Windows, which helps to sync files from Google Drive folder on computer to Drive on the web and vice-versa.

Application Launcher for Drive (by Google) Chrome Extension

So you can access files in Google drive from any device online once you’ve its app installed on your machine. Changes to files on the web or in your Computer will be updated on all devices.

Why two processes are required to run? Can one process doesn’t do the syncing job? Even Dropbox for Windows runs single process of it, then why two processes running required for Google drive in the background? Currently, we can’t find any answers to these questions on Google drive help pages and forums. We can assume one to sync data to the web, and other to sync data from Google Drive web back to your Computer.

googledrivesync.exe process in task manager

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Some users complain that one of these processes was consuming more system resources, where the other one don’t that much. We haven’t found these issues, but it may be due to either of the process’s resource usage may go higher when synchronization of data happens.

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