Quora has introduced Views feature for their Q&A site that lets more contributors know how many and who are read their content, instead of opt-in Quora enabled Views by default and can be privacy concern for most of the users. So all the questions you viewed will be tracked and if someone else sees the question you viewed then he knows you viewed that content. Though Quora says your views on adultery and other topics you won’t follow won’t be shown, it is  still a concern for many users isn’t it?

Privacy concerns with Views on Quora?

For e.g I followed “Olympic games” topic and saw the question “Olympic games what’s with funny outfits in Olympic shooting” then Quora shows me as Viewer to other user in their feed and digest email as who viewed that question. Quora now shows source of every View like via a topic name, user or the question. Check the screenshot below to understand that..

Quora Views and deleting them

Turning off or disabling Quora Views

If you’re active user who read and answer many questions and follows various topics then it may be tough to find views for all and delete. Instead to you can disable view on Quora here is how.

1. Visit settings page in your browser after sign in

2. On right-side of the page click on Views, click on No to message “Allow others to see what content I’ve viewed in feed”.

deactivate Views in Quora

3. You can turn on Views whenever you want by Toggling Views to “Yes”.

What do you think of Views on Quora?is this feature concerns you? share with us in comments.