System Mechanic, Iolo flagship product aimed to improve performance of system by cleaning junk files, unnecessary registry files got an update, System Mechanic 11 has been released. Commercial version gets AcceleWrite feature while Free edition of System Mechanic 11 offers support for Windows 8 and enhanced Startup optimizer which you may find useful in managing startup programs in Windows.

Installation and activation of System Mechanic 11 Free version

Iolo started offering free version for their PC Tuning tool from 10.6 version onwards which we’ve covered in the past. Users need to install this program online, you need to enter email address during the setup to receive activation key, latter which you can use to register your program. We suggest you to uncheck for “enable PC Health status gadget” before completing install if you’ve followed Microsoft security advisory and disabled gadgets on Windows.

System Mechanic 11 UI

Windows 8 support

System Mechanic in Windows 8 works like in Windows 7, actually we haven’t tested this on Windows 8 RP but we came to knew from other sources that it hasn’t been integrated with metro UI, it can be run as any desktop app on Windows 8.

You can backup registry using this tool. The program also suggests you to update definitions of Tune-up, technology Iolo built to release definitions daily which contains fixes for issues discovered on various PCs.

You can use “optimize Windows Startup wizard” to turn off unnecessary startup programs that automatically start with Windows, these includes scheduling tasks and BHOs. We able to turn off startup for following programs on our system successfully

  • Microsoft Windows Live ID Login Helper
  • Windows Live ID sign-in Assistant
  • Windows Media Center Scheduler service
  • Windows Media Player Network Sharing services.

optimize windows startup

Always review the changes

System Mechanic shows status of Firewall and Antivirus on your Computer. All-in-One tools offer one click solution to your PC problems. We always recommend you to run the tools in program by knowing what files the program going to remove and what changes it making to your system.

Closing words

There are free cleaning tools like CCleaner and other available on internet to clean temporary files and registry files in Windows, we recommend you to use this tool’s free edition to look at startup programs that auto starts with Windows and turn off the unneeded ones. 

You can download System Mechanic 11 free version from here.