PC support over the  phone is old method, today remote viewing software are used for such purposes for e. g Team Viewer making it easy to fix PC problems on your friend’s or relatives Computer, Soluto software which fixes PC frustration issues has added Quick Question feature to its software, with the addition of this feature if a Soluto user experiences an issue during the support he can ask quick question with F8 keyboard shortcut. If you want your  friends helping through Soluto to know quickly  problem you’re experiencing on your PC is simply press F8 button on keyboard, type the question and hit send button which will email the screenshot of screen with information of list of running process and consuming system resources.

Quick Question

Helping person gets the email and clicks on “Get More info” to see the screenshot and other information of running processes which helps him assess what’s happening in your PC. So from now onwards a Soluto user needs press F8 button to ask questions.

You can still able to open old Soluto desktop app by right-clicking on app tray icon and selecting “open old desktop app” from Advanced menu, here you’ve to restart your computer to use the old app again. You need to register to download Soluto with Quick Question feature.

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