Windows 8 doesn’t offers easier ways to access shutdown dialog by throwing user into two worlds: Modern and Traditional desktop. Windows 8 modern UI adds confusion, inconveniences to the user, Windows 8 not user friendly OS at all. User in Windows 8 needs to learn how to shutdown Windows 8 which is simple task in Windows 7. Meet HotShut freeware portable app lets you Shutdown, Restart, Log off, Lock or Hibernate your Windows 8 Computer by selecting desired option by right clicking on Hotshut icon on taskbar notification area.

Aren’t you annoyed with Microsoft for not providing Start Menu like in Windows 7 to perform any action like shutdown, restart, Sleep, lock or log off from your Computer, you need to get used to ways of getting shutdown dialog both on desktop and on Modern UI, Windows 8 doesn’t provides Hibernate option in these when we get there, we’ve covered how to add hibernate option to shutdown dialog in Windows 8.

Using HotShut

Download the program zip file, extract its contents to a folder and run HotShut executable which adds its icon to notification area. All you need to do is right-click on it and select the option you wanted to. Instead of running app every time when Windows starts you can set HotShut to start with Windows.

HotShut may not be useful app in Windows 8 but its worth it to be on Windows 8 system tray. What do you say?

Download HotShut.