While it’s possible to share USB devices in a network and access them within that network, DAEMON Tools USB is a freeware app in beta phase lets you share your USB devices like printers, webcams, keyboard, mouse and etc. and allows to access these shared USB devices over LAN,WAN, VPN or internet from virtually remotely from anywhere in the world.

Its like remote support software like Team Viewer where here you need to let remote machine user know the IP address of shared USB device connected to the Computer.

Using the program is very simple- after installing the program on your Computer, the app with intuitive interface offers two tabs : Remote Devices and Local Devices. Local devices tabs shows USB devices connected to your computer, you can right-click on any USB device and share it.

Daemon Tools USB

On remote machine user need to select Remote Devices tab, double click on No Servers added button which shows Add Server dialog where you need to specify the IP address of Computer you need to connect to and access physically connected devices remotely.

Once that is done, remote devices tab shows the status of PC (online or offline) and USB Devices (connected or not connected). Both machines need to have this program installed to share USB devices and access them remotely.

Since we’ve only one system available, we’re not able to test this program on a remote machine, from the screenshots offered by the developer website, we’ve  assumed and written the above explanation, when you test this program on two machines, then things may be different on your end.

key features of DAEMON Tools USB

  • Get remote access to USB equipment (flash drive, speakers, webcam, printer etc.)
  • Share USB devices to remote machines
  • Connect to any USB device plugged to another computer via LAN, WAN, VPN or Internet
  • Use rationally combined Server and Client parts
  • Work with remote USB equipment just as if it was physically plugged to computer
  • Support USB devices of all types and most popular versions

DAEMON USB Tools USB in beta, you can download the program from here.