After uninstalling Java, have you spotted Java related Java Deployment Toolkit plugin in Firefox?, Yes, Java Uninstaller not removed this one, don’t know why? These are annoyances users need to cope with Java and other software. If you install a program, that installs plugins and add-ons, its uninstaller should also remove them during it’s uninstall, is it not? Once this exists without Java on our systems knowing the use and purpose of it is not necessary. If you want to remove this plugin from Firefox, you’ve to follow the below procedure.

Java Deployment Toolkit Firefox plugin

Note: Even with Java in use, you can remove this plugin, it is not necessary.

Disable or Enable All Java Plugins in browsers with a Single Click

Removing Java Deployment Toolkit Plugin from Firefox

We can disable this plugin, but it makes sense to completely remove it from our computers.

Tip: Visiting about://plugins url in the browser reveals at which location Java Deployment Toolkit Plugin installed on your computer.

For that, close Firefox and any other browsers if running

1. Open run command, and type “ C:\Windows\system32\”

2. Search for npDeployJava1.dll file, once Windows search finds and shows it as a result, select and delete it.

npDeployJava1 dll file in System 32 directory

Note: npDeployJava1.dll file is related to the Java Deployment Toolkit Plugin, it can be found in “System 32” directory under Windows or in Program Files under Java directory.

Be sure to backup this file before deletion, so that you can restore if something goes wrong by pasting it in the same directory.

Do you want to remove unnecessary plugins from Chrome? Read How to Remove Plugins from Chrome.

How to remove unneeded Java Console Extension in Firefox

Update 20/12/2013: If the above instructions doesn’t help, follow the ones below.

You can find that file here also on Windows

For 32-bi:t C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\dtplugin\npdeployJava1.dll

For 64-bit : (If any 64-bit user help I can add it here)

To easily know the path of this file if Java installed, open Firefox and visit about:plugins. As you all know, you’ve to delete that file.

Check the video below in action.

Update November 29, 2014: Uninstalling Java now, also removes the Java Deployment Toolkit plugin from the Firefox browser, if it’s not happening in your case, you can follow the above instructions.