Whenever a new service is launched by Google it won’t work in Opera, most opera users familiar to this, examples are Google Plus, Google Instant and Google Instant Previews. Seems this time its Microsoft’s turn, do you know recently launched email service from Microsoft outlook.com doesn’t work in Opera?, if you want specific browser version its Opera 12. Yes, in Opera 12 outlook.com just doesn’t work. Don’t get disappointed! Opera acknowledged this and after talks with Microsoft they finally made outlook.com to work in yesterday released Opera 12.01

Outlook.com doesn’t work in Opera 12

We’ve been able to sign into outlook.com website in Opera 12 but not able to access even single message (check the screenshot below with mouse cursor showing keeping processing sign as page already loaded, we’ve to restart Opera browser by killing Opera process in Task Manager).

outlook.com in Opera

Outlook.com works on Opera 12.01

But Opera 12.01 has some issues with  attachments, Opera is working to fix them as well. So download and install Opera 12.01 update (most recommended by Opera as security and stability update), keep accessing Microsoft new email service with less issues when compared to Opera 12.

Opera users what do you say?