Opera introduced Out of Process Plugins architecture with Opera 12, with OOPP all plugins run in browser like Flash, Java, Silverlight will be isolated from browser and run in a separate process called Opera_plugin_warpper .exe. OOPP brings stability to the browser by preventing  plugin content from crashing Opera, if a plugin crashes on page user just need to reload that page to activate the plugin content on that page. Opera found that some Opera 12 users in Windows experiencing freezes with plugin content, they’ve figured out the problem and for now released a new snapshot Opera 12.02  by temporarily removing OOPP. This is temporary fix and they’re working on long term solution for this. If you’re experiencing the issues in Opera 12.01  you can upgrade to this snapshot.

Opera users on Mac and Linux not affected with these issues and since 64-bit Windows build needs OOPP to run 32-bit plugins, OOPP only disabled only in 32-bit build.

Download Opera 12.02 snapshot.