Few months back we’ve covered .NET Version Detector, this portable tool shows what it says, detects and displays the versions of .NET framework installed on your Computer. This program update has added support for Windows  8 and detection of .NET 4.5 (where final version is yet to release).

Using the program is very easy, download the program zip file, extract its contents a folder and run netver executable, which shows installed .NET versions through panels and also with text below. White text on panels indicates .NET product versions installed on your computer where grayed outs resembles .NET versions which not yet installed.

.NET version Detector gives more information related to .NET framework to the user like

  • Default .NET version  installed on Operating systems from Windows Server 2003 -Windows 8 RTM ( if you don’t know .NET 4.5 by default comes in Windows 8 RTM).
  • Green arrows represents download links to respective .NET framework,
  • .NET framework installed directories are shown
  • You can copy and paste this .NET framework versions text info to notepad for future reference.

.NET version detector

.NET Version Detector is a native app, means you don’t need to have .NET installed on your computer for this app to run.

Download .NET Version Detector