Till now I don’t know a program that allows to kill several processes at once-Task Manager doesn’t offers this feature, today I came across freeware portable program Multi-Process Killer which lets you do the same. Question arises here do we have any situation in the past that demanded killing of several processes at once?  do we need in the future? answer is yes and No. We don’t recommend killing system-related processes but you can try to kill processes related to  third-party application installed on your Computer and that too if they’re consuming system resources heavily.

Using the program is quite simple, after downloading the program executable simply run it, in a medium window similar to Task Manager it lists all the Processes running with following details.

  • Total number of processes  running
  • Refresh rate
  • Process name, PID, Memory usage are displayed in 3 columns.

All you need to do is select the processes you want to kill and click kill selected Processes button on the program window.

Multi Process Killer

We again warning you don’t try to kill system processes.

Multi-Process killers works on Windows XP/Vista/7, you can download this program from here. You need to have Java installed on your Computer for this program to work.