McAfee has released a beta version of McAfee Social Protection app for Facebook users which prevents others from manipulating your photos i.e. they can’t download, print, copy and use printscreen to capture photos shared by you to your Facebook Profile.

These protected photos are stored on Intel servers. Your friends who you gave permission to access also can’t see your protected photos, they appear as distorted, to view them clearly they also need to install this app on Facebook and vice versa for you in case of photos protected with MacAfee app.

This Facebook app which aims to offer protection for Facebook Photos available as Facebook app and plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

McAfee Social Protection

Using McAfee Social Protection app is not that straight forward, if you’re signed into Facebook account, visit McAfee Social Protection app page to install it, this app will access your photos and personal info and manages them according to McAfee privacy policy.

Next step, you need to install McAfee Social Protection Photo Viewer on Windows 7, remember Aero must be enabled/supported on your Machine to continue Photo Viewer installation after the download.

Uploading photos for Protection

You can upload your photos to protect by visiting app page on Facebook and clicking My Protected Photos then give the permission for the app to access your to access posts on your behalf, access your data and those of your custom friends lists. Remember, before uploading because you can’t  delete these once uploaded as current beta version doesn’t support deletion.

Update: This app no longer available on Facebook and we don’t know when McAfee officially releases the stable version of it.