If you’ve noticed Chrome Remote Desktop Viewer plugin in Chrome:plugins page, don’t think you’ve installed Chrome Remote Desktop extension in the past and the plugin has been left behind after removing the extension, that’s not true. When you install Chrome in your computer, Chrome Remote Desktop Viewer comes enabled by default.

Yes! This plugin is related Chrome Remote Desktop app launched by Google and it “allows securely access other computers that have been shared with you, to use this plugin you need to install Chrome remote desktop extension”.

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Remoting Viewer renamed as Chrome Remote Desktop Viewer

A few days ago, this plugin’s actual name was Remoting Viewer or Remote Viewer, which Chrome team has renamed to Chrome Remote Desktop Viewer to suite branding of their Remote web app and may be also due to users’ concerns of it as spyware or phishing app.

If you ask me, do I need this plugin? I say the answer as Yes and No. Yes, if you’re planning or want to install the Chrome Remote desktop app, No, if you don’t want to install the app, at present. You cannot remove this plugin, because it’s difficult to find its residing directory location, but you can disable this if you feel it no longer necessary for you.

Chrome Remote Desktop Viewer Plugin

Disabling Chrome Remote Desktop Viewer Plugin in Chrome

Open about:plugins page in Chrome, click “disable” button showed below the plugin description.

Don’t forget to enable it before installing Chrome Remote Desktop app.