The first thing anybody does after installing Windows is to install necessary applications like browser, multi media player, Office software and much needed plugins for browser like Java, Flash and Silverlight, we’ve covered multiple app installers in the past like Ninite and AllmyApps but they always install list of apps online, without the hassle of many times need of visiting related app sites and downloading and further installing the apps manually, you can rely on McRip SystemFiles All in One installer that includes latest offline installers of Flash, Java, Silverlight.

But the download size of this file is huge,180 MB, but the advantages are there though like applications can be installed silently, and Flash Player, Java and Shockwave are installed with updates disabled. In case of Java, this app uninstalls all previous versions and installs the latest one. After Java has been installed jqs.exe process which responsible to look out for Java updates will be deleted.

SystemFiles also includes DirectX since DirectX already comes included with Windows 7 might be useful for XP users.

McRip SystemFiles setup

Download the SystemFiles file to your Computer and run it, setup dialog shows the file size of components included in it of Flash, DirectX, Shockwave Player and Java. Select components you want to install and uncheck those you feel as unnecessary and click Next to continue with the installation.

You can download SystemFiles from developer site or from SoftPedia here.