The most requested feature to video sharing site Vimeo is to add Dropbox support to upload videos from it, which Vimeo listened and finally integrated the support to their site.

Now no more manual video uploads is needed! Just place the video file (s) you want to upload in Vimeo inside specified folder in Dropbox and that file will be instantly synced and uploaded by Dropbox client to Vimeo website where you can upload from there by choosing upload from Dropbox, simple but here are steps in detail how to connect to your  Dropbox account from Vimeo and how to follow from there.

Uploading Videos from Dropbox to Vimeo

For this you need to have accounts created in Dropbox and Vimeo and Dropbox client for your operating system must be installed, create a folder named ‘Vimeo’ in Dropbox folder so that any file kept in this will be uploaded to your Vimeo account.

1. Now sign into Vimeo with your email address and password

2. Visit Vimeo apps page click on connect against newly added Dropbox app, if you click connect to Dropbox on next dialog you should know by default Vimeo gets full access to your Dropbox and enables automatic uploads to Vimeo you may want to uncheck the first one.

Vimeo Dropbox

3. Now Vimeo displays “Choose an auto-upload folder” from Photos, Public and Vimeo folder, select third one and click Done button.

choose an auto-upload folder

4. Now to upload a video, drag and drop the file onto Vimeo folder in your Computer which Dropbox syncs and uploads to your account, uploading may take time depending on the speed of your internet connection and video file size.

5. Once the uploading is completed, visit Vimeo upload page, instead of choose a video to upload

  • Click on “choose from Dropbox” now select Vimeo folder >select video file in Upload videos from Dropbox dialog
  • Click on “I’m done choosing files”.

upload videos from Dropbox

Now the file will be uploaded and shown under ‘My Videos’, which you can add to your channels, groups or albums.

Here you may want to avoid giving Vimeo full access to Dropbox, which uploads any files placed in the folder, which you may not want. Its better to maintain use Vimeo folder specifically for that purpose.

If you don’t know: Vimeo offers apps for social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ to automatically share videos to Vimeo, now they’ve added Dropbox app to ease the upload process for Dropbox users as well.