YouTube doesn’t offers option for their viewers/users to turn off or hide comments, sometimes it can happen to you  as you curiously scroll down below a YouTube video to see what others are saying, you will be annoyed with your self for that because some comments are rude and some are abusive why to spoil your mood with these and nobody wants relatives or family members sitting behind to view those comments, can be embarrassing for you is it not? meet YouTube Comment Blocker Firefox Extension that hides all comments on YouTube video below and offers “show comments” button to view the comments.

Hide YouTube Comments with YouTube Comment Blocker 

All you need to do is  install the extension and restart the browser you don’t need to configure anything in the extension. And from now onwards if you visit any YouTube video that has comments, you won’t see the comments instead “Show Comments” button as I said above, you can toggle this button to view or hide comments on YouTube.

hide comments on YouTube

Download YouTube Comment Blocker