Firefox 15 is  going to release today, one significant change Mozilla is boasting for this release till now is if you’re using too many add-ons for Firefox then you can see significant performance difference from Firefox 14 to 15 that’s due to fixing memory leaks of several add-ons these include popular-ones like ADB also. Now this change somehow adversely effected Greasemonkey add-on to leak some scripts  like “ YousableTubeFix” and Textarea backup with expiry”,.

Fortunately, Mozilla found the cause and fixed the add-on leaks by releasing GreaseMonkey 1.0 add-on. If you’re using GreaseMonkey add-on older than v1.0, (you can know the version number by opening Add-ons Manager) then you’re advised to install the latest version of GM add-on on your computer before upgrading to Firefox 15, if possible.

Greasemonkey 1.0

Download GreaseMonkey 1.0