Its obvious that a person creates more than one or multiple email accounts for different purposes, for e.g say one for work, another for personal and other activities, Google already offers multiple-sign in feature, users who don’t use this feature having multiple accounts need to sign out of one account to sign into another, this becomes tiring don’t worry! Google now offers Account Chooser opt-in feature for their users which allows to sign-into Google accounts without the need to type email address again and again.

Account Chooser feature for Google accounts

If you’re a Google user having multiple accounts all you need to do is enable Account Feature and add your first account and select “‘stay signed -in”, similarly add other accounts also and there after when you visit Gmail sign-in page it displays all accounts entries, you need to click on one account entry on the page to sign into your account automatically, you may be prompted to enter the password if you’ve not typed it recently.

add account to device

You can remove the accounts from this page at any time you want. You can also disable Account chooser feature and re-enable it whenever you want.

If you’ve were on a shared computer, instead to mix your user accounts with others  you’re suggested to not to use this feature instead you can try different browsers, different profiles and private browsing mode.

You can know more details about Account Chooser feature here. Hat tip to TNW