Your Google+ Profile or Page with link look like this  ( ), it can be hard to find or share with users on Google social network, though Google offers badges for Google+ profile or page to put on websites and blog sites to know visitors you’re on Google+ those are not suffice, Google+ needs to offer vanity URL or custom URL which lets businesses or other brands to point people  that link to see their posts or updates. Vanity URL, most requested feature on Google+ now has been rolled out to limited set of verified pages and profiles. Google confirms that custom URLs will be available to public world-wide at some point of time in future, we don’t know the exact timing yet.

Google +Vanity URLs will be available to all users on Google+

Meanwhile  brands and Celebrities like Toyota, Ubisoft, devidbeckham, britneyspears got vanity URLs . Google+ Vanity URL url will look like for profile name and as page for a page. Do Google+ needs vanity or custom URLs? Yes Custom URLs  keeps your brand going on Google+ with your name and allows users to reach profiles or pages easily.

Question arises how Google assigns these URLs to users, will this be first come first assign or Google has already reserved some custom URLs for certain popular profiles on Google+ apart from celebrities and brands say for example for some bloggers, we don’t know how Google deals with users when custom URLs are available.