If you create a new Google account then you already have Google+ profile created where during the sign up you need to enter your date of birth which Google uses to provide personalized content across their Google products and on your birthday Google.com also wishes you with a a doodle on its home page specially for you, that’s fun and surprise! you can be proud of. Google today has extended this to people in your circles.

If someone in your circles has a birthday Google.com now reminds you about that to wish him. You may start to get annoyed with these reminders on Google.com, let us see how to turn off or disable birthday reminders on Google.com.


Control or turn off people ‘s birthday reminders shown by Google.com

You always have control who sees your birthday, Google reminds about your birthday with the people you’ve chosen to share. By default all people in your circles can see your date of birth, which you can change by editing date of birth of your profile so that it can be visible only to you or to people you care about by choosing custom, where you can able to assign names or email addresses of people whom you wish to know.

update your  birthday

“At first you’ll only see birthday reminders if you’re searching in English on Google.com. We’ll be rolling this feature out gradually over the next few days. Here’s to all the happy birthdays to come!” Irene Chung of Google said in Google+.

Are you welcoming these birthday reminders of people in your circles? let us know in comments.