Today Google announced in their Chrome blog that with the last Chrome stable release makes Flash Player on Windows more secure and offers stronger sandbox protection to the users, this made possible by moving Flash from Sandboxed NPAPI architecture to PPAPI platform. Chrome team has working with Adobe since two years and finally accomplished in placing Flash in Sandbox. What this means is safer browsing experience to Windows users, Windows Flash in a sandbox is  as strong as Chrome’s native sandbox. Chrome team promises this move also reduced flash crashes by 20% and for the first time Windows XP users gets sandboxed Flash Player.

Finally Google puts Flash Player inside Sandbox in Windows, Windows XP users also gets Sandboxed Flash Player and this move reduces Chrome crashes by 20%, support for Mac is coming soon.

Mac users don’t get disappointed support for sandboxed Flash Player is the on way for Mac, and Chrome OS already had this type of protection from the beginning. Chrome on Linux got this protection with last stable release.

“With last week’s Chrome Stable update, we took a major step forward in security by bringing an even deeper level of sandbox protection to Adobe Flash Player on Windows. Since 2010, we’ve been working with Adobe to sandbox the Flash Player plug-in to protect users against common malware. Now, thanks to a new plug-in architecture, Flash on Windows is inside a sandbox that’s as strong as Chrome’s native sandbox, and dramatically more robust than anything else available. And for the first time ever, Windows XP users have a sandboxed Flash, making them much safer online.”