Those who’ve not installed Flash Player updates and set Flash Player to update automatically on their systems ended up getting FlashPlayerUpdateService.exe crashes dialog, if you don’t know Adobe offered automatic background updates for Flash Player from version 11.2 onwards, after installing this version if you’ve selected option “Allow adobe to install updates”under Advanced tab of Flash Player Settings Manager in Control Panel, then flash player background update service periodically checks for updates for Flash and installs them when available.

Here when the Flash Player Update Service trying to install update users greeted with a dialog with message “adobe flash player updater service encountered a problem and needs to close sorry for the inconvenience”. Most users who reported to Adobe are on XP. Adobe has released Flash Player 11.3.300.270 update specifically to resolve this issue.

Irrespective of this issue Flash Player 11.3.300.268 and Flash Player 11.3.300.28 are identical, if you’re not facing this issue you don’t need to install this update. You can download this version from here.

Flash player 11.3.300.270 offline installer