We’ve covered screenshots of the early prototype of  Firefox for Windows 8 for Metro or Windows 8’s Modern UI style environment, now it seems Firefox getting its primary browser UI ready for modern style Windows with addition of core features one by one, as goal has been set to implement Firefox metro UI preview by end of September, Brian Bondy working on this project says “Work on the Metro style enabled desktop browser has progressed steadily and things are looking really good.” and he notes the following features as working in modern version of Firefox.

Firefox tile on Windows 8 modern ui

Firefox for Windows 8 progress so far and which features are actually working now.

PDF.JS: Firefox for Windows 8 to get PDF.js, built-in PDF viewer which allows to view PDFs in Firefox without need of plugins.

Crash Reporting feature which reports to Mozilla when Firefox crashes in your Computer.

Results or suggestions will show on awesomescreen when you start typing in URL bar.

View this page on desktop functionality lets you view currently loaded page on desktop browser.

Sync data between metro interface and desktop interface.

Other features currently working are

  • Windowless Flash, although full screen flash doesn’t work yet
  • Some accessibility hooks
  • Front end event refactoring to be faster and to treat mouse input normally and distinct from touch input
  • File pickers updated to be asynchronous on all platforms because it was needed for WinRT
  • Various keyboard shortcuts added
  • Various other fixes and refactoring

No Support for add-ons for Firefox in Windows 8 modern UI : Sad news initial release won’t support add-ons but their support will be added later via add-ons SDK.

If you’re expecting a nightly build, sorry! a  Bug 755724 is preventing this build from  merging with Mozilla-central where nightly builds will show up, once that bug is completed you will have nightly build. So track that bug.