Two days time left for the release of Firefox 15 final which set to release on 28th, Tuesday of this month, if you’re already using Firefox beta you could’ve know the new features offered in Beta build, but if you’re using stable version some thing that excites you as an end user is performance improvements landed in this build by fixing add-ons memory leaks.

Add-on memory leaks fixed: Firefox becomes unstable and lags in performance mainly due to more number of add-ons installed, some of the popular add-ons such as ABP, Firebug, VideoDownloadHelper, Grease monkey etc. do have memory leaks which are fixed in Firefox 15 and you can see significant difference in Performance when you’re using multiple add-ons.

Firefox 15

Tabs on top option missing from options menu? tabs on top option has been removed if you’ve used to prefer tabs on bottom set the  preference “browser.tabs.onTop” to false to get the option back and uncheck it get them on bottom

Firefox already added support for SPDY 2 and enabled by default in Firefox 14, SPDY 3 support has been added but disabled by default, you can enable it by setting network.http.spdy.v3 preference value to true.

Preliminary support for native PDF has been added in Aurora/Beta channel this also disabled by default.If you want to try it set “pdfjs.disabled” preference to false in about:config, this JavaScript Powered PDF renderer may be buggy and unstable, enable it at your own risk.

WebGL enhancements including compressed textures for better performance.

Native support for Opus audio codec has been added which allows you to play Opus files in Firefox browser.

Incontent Preferences landed on Firefox 15  which shows preferences in content area without pop up window, you can enable it by setting “browser.preferences.InContent” preference value to true in about:config.

Some of the features are not enabled by default they may not have ready for prime time, so enable these features with caution disable them if found any issues in Firefox.

Last but not the least we’ve not found the snappiness and Zip of Firefox 14 in Firefox 15, many users complained this build as slow. when compared to Firefox 14.

Are you using Firefox 15 Beta? share your opinions on Firefox 15 with us in comments.