Microsoft released Dev., Release and RTM versions of Windows 8 but there’re no gadgets in these, Microsoft not included them by default and they can’t be enabled from Program and  Features either, do you want desktop gadgets in Windows 8 along with sidebar? you can get them by installing 8GadgetPack on your Windows 8 Computer.

Microsoft which introduced Desktop Gadgets in Windows Vista and continued support for gadgets in Windows 7 by allowing users to download and install gadgets from Microsoft gadgets galley and other places as well, security vendors like Avast,Kaspersky  and AVG too started including tiny gadgets for their solutions.

Vulnerabilities in some gadgets may allow take control of users computer that’s why Microsoft not included gadgets in Windows 8, they also removed gadgets gallery and issued a security update to all users using Windows Vista and 7 users to disable gadgets and sidebar.

Microsoft thoughts of gadgets unnecessary can be understand in another way:why users needs gadget if they’ve tiles on modern UI which fetches from web and displays the content dynamically.

Easily Install Microsoft desktop gadgets and other in Windows 8

Download and install 8GadgetPack on Windows 8, the program automatically shows sidebar where you can add gadget, you can right click on desktop and select gadget to view all gadgets installed on your Computer.

desktop gadgets and sidebar in Windows 8

8GadgetPack includes gadgets some from Microsoft and remaining from other developers. Microsoft gadgets are: Calendar, Clock, CPU Meter, Currency, Feed Headlines, Picture Puzzle and Weather. There are other non-Microsoft gadgets from sites which you can add to desktop or sidebar by right clicking any one and with selection of Add button.

8GadgetsPack installer registers .gadget files, so you can install gadgets from other sites you know and trust as well without any issues in Windows 8.  You can uninstall 8GadgetPack from Programs and Features in Control Panel.

8GadgetPack works in Windows 8 only.

Download 8GadgetPack