If you have video files in different formats on your hard drive you need to convert them to formats playable on devices like iPhone, Android Phone and Computer. Meet EasyBrake freeware portable video converter which uses HandBrake engine to convert video files from input formats like 3GP, AVI, FLV, M2t,  M2Ts, MKV, Mp4, QT, W4V etc. to MKV or MP4 output format.

Download the program zip file, extract its contents to a folder and run EasyBrake executable, the program with intuitive interface offers icons at the center of program window to open files and convert them.


By opening Settings panel (which opens on right-side of window when you click icon top right side corner of program window) you can able to change output conversion format to most used MP4 format where MKV is selected by default.

EasyBrake offers various profiles to choose from normal profile, High profile, iPhone, iPod, iPod  touch, Android, if you want to convert video to play on iPhone you can choose iPhone profile and then convert video file to MP4 or MKV to play on that device. By choosing custom profile you can able to set video bitrate and audio bitrate to your liking. EasyBrake supports Audio codecs AAC, AC3 and  MP3.

EasyBrake Settings Panel

Converting video is quick and easy, click on center icon to open file and select the file and click open where Command window appears showing encoding progress, once completed it will close and you won’t get any message when conversion is completed, you need to navigate to directory where you selected file from to see the output file and try to play in media player.

You can open conversion list (click on icon located at bottom of window) to open a file, set the parameters and click + sign to add to the list and click open and convert button at the center to complete the conversion.

Download EasyBrake