If you’re following news in the past few days you could’ve heard about Flame’s successor Gauss malware which has similarities with Flame, security vendors Bitdefender and Kaspersky calling this Trojan as state-sponsored cyber espionage tool which steals sensitive and financial information includes cookies from browsers, login credentials of banking,email and social networking site accounts from infected Computers. Do you want to determine has your system is infected with Gauss malware? here are the Gauss detection and removal tools that check for the existence of gauss malware and remove it from your Computer.

Detecting Gauss malware online

Its surprise that Gauss malware writers installed Palida Narrow font on affected systems, laboratory of Cryptography and system security offering CrySys offering web-based detection of this malware at this page http://gauss.crysys.hu/, if Palida Narrow font found on this page, then you need to use any of the removal tools offered by security vendors BitDefender and Kaspersky .

Kaspersky Virus Removal tool removes Gauss

You can download and run Kaspersky Virus Removal tool 2011 [100 MB] which detects and removes Gauss spy tool from your Computer.

 BitDefender’s Gauss removal Tool

BitDefender has released removal tool for Gauss (32 -bit & 64-bit )which checks for the presence of it, if found removes it from your Computer.

BitDefender Gauss Removal tool