Its tough to remember the photos sent or received by us right from when we started using email service, those photos are deep in inboxes and archives makes it hard to locate, for advanced users or users who knows Gmail pretty well over the years may know finding photos stored in Gmail as easy with has attachment operator, but we’re not sure Gmail will show all the photos inside emails apart from attachments that have photos, forget about Gmail! how about finding photos buried deep in other email accounts such as Yahoo Mail, AOL, meet Lost Photos freeware app which scans your email account for photos with username and password provided by you and downloads all photos directly to a folder in your hard drive.

Lost Photos supports finding photos from email services like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Mac,  MobileMe or Google apps email addresses.

Lost Photos program window

Using Lost Photos is simple. Download and install the program on your computer, enter your username and password  for email service supported by Lost Photos, click “‘Find My photos” which searches all emails and downloads all photos found to your Computer, you can later open them from program window by clicking on ‘show photos in explorer’.

While scanning for photos this apps shows thumbnails of photos found on its window. This program download photos to folder  C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Lost_Photos\email account.

view downloaded photos in Explorer

Lost Photos by default configured to ignore images such as logos and icons smaller than 8KB  which you can change from options. You can also tune program option to ignore finding images in gif format, and images received  before particular date.

Before downloading and installing the program you may concern about program may transfer your email account credentials to their servers, fear not Last Photos page confirms that “Lost Photos does not collect or store your login information and does not communicate information from your email to any outside server. Additionally, Lost Photos transmits data to and from email servers using a secure (SSL) connection.”.

Download Lost Photos