Since we follow the news on the Internet to cover on this blog we’re able to install latest Flash player version immediately on our computers when we know about Flash Player update and stayed protected from vulnerabilities, that’s why we don’t need to rely on Flash Payer Update Service, seems not the case with users who may not spend the time on the web as they depend on Flash Player background Updates, since the Flash Player Updater gave error while installing the update, this issue was experienced by users since 15 days or more before till date as yesterday Adobe resolved this issue by releasing Flash Player 11.3.300.270 update.

Meanwhile we don’t know what users done to get rid off that annoying dialog, to let the user know what to do if Flash Player Updater service crash dialog appears again in future here is the article tells how to disable flash player update service which is also known as turning off background updates for flash player.

To disable Flash Player Update service

Method 1.

1 . Open Run command and type services.msc

2. Find “ Adobe Flash Player Update service, select and right click on it to access Properties, under General tab choose startup type as disabled, click OK and apply to save the changes made to the computer.

Adobe Flash Player Update service startup setting

Method 2:

Turning off automatic background updates for Flash player

2. Open Control Panel search for “Flash player” on the search box located on right-side of the page

Double click on Flash Player once the result is shown, now Flash Player Settings Manager pops up select Advanced tab and select “notify me to install updates” and close the window.

notify me to install updates setitng

That’s Flash Player Update service or silent updates for Flash Player ha(s)ve been disabled.