Both app Switcher and Charms bar in Windows 8 appears on screen edges when you hover mouse pointer either on left or right corners of the screen and with accidental mouse overs these can come in your way when you’re working with apps, if you don’t want them to appear on screen with mouse overs, Charms bar and Switcher can be disabled without need to access the registry with freeware program Skip Metro Suite, this program also allows to skip start screen after logon and lets you access desktop quickly in Windows 8 RTM.

Charms bar in Windows 8 appears when you hover your mouse pointer over top-right corner of screen or on bottom-right corner of the screen which lets you access to search, share, Start screen, device and settings.

App Switcher which appears with thumbnails of recently closed apps on top-left corner which Switcher lets you switch between modern and desktop apps.

Using Skip Metro Suite in Windows 8

Download program zip file, extract its content to a folder and run the setup file, Skip Metro Suite setup prompts to install .NET 3.5  on Windows 8, you can download .NET 3.5 from Microsoft website or follow the offline method in the below article if you have Windows 8 installation media available

Enable .NET Framework 3.5.1 on Windows 8 to Run Applications

setup prompts for .NET 3.5

Once .NET 3.5 has been installed run the program setup  again, once the program has been installed run Skip Metro Suite Settings from it shortcut on desktop which shows below three options on its program window

  • Skip start screen
  • Disable top-left corner (switcher)
  • Disable Charms bar

Where Skip Start screen selected by default, you can select second and third options on the program window to disable Switcher and Charms bar features and  click “ save settings” button.

Skip Metro Suite

Let me tell you even though  you’ve disabled Charms bar and Switcher on edge panels with mouse overs you can still access them with Win +C (Charms bar) and Win +Tab (Switcher) keyboard shortcuts.

Skip Metro Suite works in Windows 8 Release Preview and RTM versions.

Download Skip Metro Suite.