Firefox comes by default included with Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing,, eBay, Twitter and Wikipedia (in English language), other search engines that gets added to Firefox if you don’t pay attention while installing apps and antivirus software. If you count the above Search engines, Firefox totally offering seven search engines by default to the user, how often and how many we’re using by switching between them, Mozilla gets some revenue for including these as search engines in their browser. Let us take a look at how to remove unneeded search engines from Firefox.

Firefox 23: How to Always Use/Set Different Search Engine for Searches in Address bar

I only used Google, the default search engine to perform search from search bar, location bar and from menu item on context menu. I never switched to another one, question yourself do you need these search engines? If you get answer as No, go and delete these search engines. keep few, in limited number apart from default Search engine I recommend keeping Bing, Wikipedia and Yahoo.

Removing search engines from Firefox

Click on arrow icon next to default search engine icon, select “Manage Search Engines” and from opened Search Engine Manager, select the search Engine you want to delete from Firefox and click “Remove” button. Remove other unnecessary search engines also like that.

Remove Search engine from Firefox


Restoring deleted search engines

You can always restore default search engines that were deleted accidentally or intentionally from Search Engine Manager by clicking “Restore defaults” button.