Chrome already protects us from malware and phishing sites which is part of Safe Browsing feature, with Chrome 17 release Google added protection to Chrome against malicious downloads which checks files downloaded through Chrome’s downloaded manager against list of known bad files, it also checks executable files having .msi, .exe, .dll  or bat extensions.  am going to tell you what you’ve to do when you download a file from trusted site which exists from so long where Chrome flags it as malicious.

When Chrome warns you with red danger icon with the text like example.ext appears malicious by showing ‘Discard’ button, you can Discard it from saving to your computer straight away or you can keep that file by clicking small arrow next to Discard and by selecting ‘Keep’, remember you should only do this if you trust that site where you’ve downloaded file from.

chrome says downloaded file appears malicious

If you prefer to keep it than discard the warning,

1. Visit VirusTotal site and upload downloaded file for a scan which marked as malicious by Chrome, if you get all yellow for detection ratio (one or two red treat as false positives) then you can treat message shown by Chrome as cautionary warning.

2. Take no changes, right click on that file and  scan that file with antivirus on your computer and  there after with Antimalware like MBAM to feel you’re confident its safe file to run on your Computer.

Today when I tried to download newly released app from a website which I know since long time and covered various apps released by them here Chrome detected and warned that file as malware. We can neglect this warning in this case because that app is newly released.