Browsers like Chrome, Firefox and other offers “Save Page as” option in their File menu which lets you save complete web page or web page as HTML only, few moths back Google introduced Google Cloud Print technology for Chrome which lets you print to your printer from any device securely over the web by signing in your account, this feature addition to Chrome has also other benefits to the users, with integrated Google Cloud Print in Print dialog of Chrome you can able to save or convert web pages as PDFs in your Computer or to your Google Drive account so that you can always access that document from anywhere.

With freeware PDF printers and online conversion sites available on internet, Chrome is the only web browser in the World with built-in capability that lets you print web pages as PDF files from its print dialog. This has been made possible with Google Cloud Print technology.

PDF is better option to save reports generated after online transaction for future reference, because text, images, font all others are preserved from the page you’re on in a converted PDF file than in a saved HTML file.

Converting web page as PDF and saving to Computer in Chrome

All you need to do is from the web page you’re on in Chrome use shortcut Ctrl +P to get Chrome’s  print dialog, click on change button and select “Save as PDF” as local destination and click on Save button.

Save As PDF

To a save web page as PDF to Google Drive

Sign into your Google account, then select Print button from Hot dogs icon to open print dialog, under Google Cloud Print select save to Google Drive and click on Save button under Print on top-side left of the page then your page will be converted and saved to PDF format in your Google drive which will be synched and  appear in Google Drive folder in your Computer if you’ve installed Google Drive for Windows.

select save to Google drive as destination