Avira which offers free antivirus similar to AVG and Avast announced Avira 2013 beta and its features and now asking some beta testers to have hands-on it to submit the feedback so that they will fix the bugs, improve the product and release sometime later as public beta. Avira says the features mentioned still are in development and may not be integrated in their upcoming 2013 product and some features which already integrated might change in future.

What’s new in Avira 2013

Avira 2013 beta new features

  • Enhanced Child Protection
    The existing features have been restructured for better usability (URL Category blocking, Time-Control and Social Network Protection). The alerts for URL and time control have been centralized.
  •  Integration of Social Network Security
    New functionality has been integrated into the product named Social Network Security. The product offers a link to the SocialShield website which will open in the default browser. Functionality can be accessed there.
  •  Integration of Android Security
    New functionality, Android Security, has been integrated as well into the product. The product offers a link to the Android website which will open in the default browser. Functionality can be accessed there. Multiple devices can be managed. Functionality includes Locate, Lock, Alert, & Message.
  •    Advanced Protection through Avira Protection Cloud (APC)
    After each installation, and then once a week , there will be a Quick System Scan performed automatically where the Avira Protection Cloud is being used in order to improve the detection. The APC is going to be released only for the paid products. You can find the settings in Control Center -> General -> Advanced Security
  •  Integration of the Experts Market
    Experts Market is a new entry in the Tray icon. A link is displayed with every reported detection through Realtime Protection as well as Web Protection. The user is linked to the Experts Market where different experts offer help to the customers’ problems.

So Avira 2013 product integrates links to Social Protection and Android Security offered by them which will be opened in default browser where user knows more information about on respective pages. We assume these two integration as more of promotional strategy than nothing else.

Avira Cloud Protection only for paid Products of Avira

Recently offered technical preview of their cloud protection which we thought will be available to free users as well seems not the case, Avira Cloud Protection will be available to paid users only. This technology will be integrated into 2013 product which after install and once a week performs a scan automatically to improve detection rate.

Interested advanced users and software testers can apply for Avira 2013 beta testing here (check the link at the bottom).