Remember AVG LinkScanner which offered by AVG  as standalone and with their antivirus products which scans links and shows safety ratings on search results  for search engines like Google, Bing and on pages, this product has been discontinued and they now offering AVG Secure Search in place of that powered by Google. We don’t know the reasons for stopping support for AVG’s Link Scanning tool, AVG Secure Search new service launched by AVG protects your personal and identity information by warning you when you visit malicious or dangerous websites in your browser.

Much like AVG LinkScanner AVG Secure Search also shows safety rating for search results in supported browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. This service incorporates AVG LinkScanner Surf Shield technology and thus provides real-time protection against dangerous webpages before loading into your browser.

AVG Secure Search

Pay attention while installing AVG Secure Search since AVG Security Toolbar is part of installation package

AVG Security Toolbar is part of AVG Secure Search installation which you can avoid during the setup, be cautious if you agree to Express method AVG toolbar will be  installed and AVG search will be set as homepage and default search provider

If you select Custom install, the product installation won’t continue will be cancelled you need to select at least one option for “Custom” to continue installation, the safe option to select setting AVG  Secure Search as homepage which you can always change for your browser later.

AVG Secure Search setup

We recommend you to create a restore point before installing this program you can always undo the changes.

If you proceed with Express method, AVG Secure Search will be installed for Internet Explorer, Firefox blocks the toolbar and prompts you for permission (good!)  if you don’t permit it will be disabled. Since Chrome doesn’t supports toolbars by default, your default search engine and home page changes to AVG Secure Search. AVG Sitesafety plugin will be installed Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Searches performed from Chrome’s Omnibox shows search results powered by AVG Secure Search.

Enable AVG Secure Search to show ratings for all sites in Search results

By default this service shows rating for dangerous sites only on search results, you need to select ‘all sites’ option to under “show ratings for” on left-side of the page to see ratings for all.

show rating for

AVG Secure Search available as standalone product, works with antivirus installed on your computer without any issues.

Download AVG Secure Search.