We often rely on “Run” command to launch some Windows Apps for e.g I use Run command to open Notepad by entering  “notepad” in Run command, Aliases are built in Windows but it doesn’t provides you control over these aliases, meet Win+R Alias Manager is a freeware portable app that lets you create Aliases for apps in Windows, by using this program I can able to alias notepad as “np”  and launch it by typing those two letters in Run box, this program also allows to edit and delete the aliases you’ve created. And you can use this to create alias for third party apps like chrome as “cr” and launch.

Quickly Launch your Favorite apps in Windows from Run Command by creating Aliases

This program already lists System-wide aliases for apps in windows means aliases that work for all users, you can edit any one or most of these aliases to your liking. You can create an alias for any app by clicking “add” button appearing  at the top of program window, in “Add New Item” window browse and select the file executable path and enter the alias name, once all done click ok. This way you can add aliases for any number for apps.

Win R Alias Manager

If you found finding file path bit difficult you can drag and drop executable onto program aliases list in program window. Since this app creates per-user aliases by default if you’re running as administrator you need to check “System-wide alias(otherwise per-user)”  setting to make your alias available for all windows users.

creating an alias

You can ask if there are shortcuts for my favorite apps on desktop why do I need to create aliases for them? fine that’s why I recommended it use to create alias for built-in Windows app like notepad, WordPad and Paint which we don’t create shortcuts for them on desktop.

There are some limitations for this program -you can create an alias that contains letters, digits, dots and all other symbols  except dot (.) are not supported which is Windows limit. You must have admin rights to create, delete and edit system-wide aliases.

You can download this program from here.