Most people open built-in Services console in Windows to stop or set startup type of processes state to manual to gain performance and some use it to troubleshoot issues with programs related to specific services, (you can also accesses running services in Windows from Services tab on Task Manager) and everyone should remember that if any crucial system services are configured without proper knowledge from Service console they’ll suffer with system start up problems, meet Windows Services Manager freeware portable tool lets you start/pause/stop and delete a service, it even offers option to backup Windows Services before making changes to any of them so that you can always use restore them when needed.

Using Windows Services Manager

Save list of running Windows Services to a text file

After downloading this app Rar file, extracts its contents to a folder and run windows Services Manager executable. This app with intuitive user interface offers buttons such as Start, Pause, Stop, Delete to manage running services and it also lists all installed services in Windows on right-side of main window which you can save to a text file for future reference which helps you to find any new or suspicious services running in the background on your Computer.

Windows Services Manager

Manage Windows Services with ease

To stat/stop a service enter service name in the text field provided by program. Be careful before deleting any service as this can stop your system from functioning normally.

Backup and restore Windows services

You can backup running services with backup option provided on program interface, this backup file will be saved to “services backup” directory in C Drive. You can restore the same file by selecting “Restore a backup” from the Edit menu.

You can download Windows Services Manager which works on all Windows including Windows 8 (32-bit only) from here.